Drinking alcohol is forbidden for pregnant women because of its harmful effect on the body has not been formed baby.Excessive use of alcohol increases the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome have not yet appeared on the birth of the child.Alcohol interferes with the normal development of the baby, leading to disturbances in the structure of his body, it causes deformation of the heart, urogenital system and underdeveloped lungs.These lesions may not always be cured, and are often the cause of death of the newborn.
According to medical research, the fruit is very sensitive to harmful influences.Since the elimination of alcohol from the body - a complex process tha
t involves many human organs, the embryo also falls under attack - breakdown products of alcohol and get into his body.Moreover, the use of alcohol can lead to spasm of blood vessels of the placenta and umbilical cord, which violates the child's supply of oxygen.This is a certain way affects the speed of development of the baby.
Some studies also suggest that the cell nucleus DNA is particularly easy to change under the influence of alcohol.For this reason, mothers who abused during pregnancy spirituous beverages, often children are born with congenital deformities.By drinking alcohol the mother of the baby is suffering and CNS, which also becomes a cause of intellectual disability affects the child and his future conduct.
should be noted that pregnant women completely prohibited to consume alcohol, ie,for mothers there is no safe dose.Never known what dose of alcohol will be permitted to the fetus.Any alcoholic beverage is able to have a serious negative impact on the child's body, especially in the last 4 months of pregnancy, but because in this period is to opt out of receiving alcohol.