Activities brain coordinates all vital processes in the human body.Status of thinking, memory, stamina, as well as sleep and internal organs is completely controlled by a neural network in the central and peripheral nervous systems.Improve brain activity today, you can use special products created by physicians.

Nootropic medicines

The purpose of the scientists of this group of drugs has been to restore damaged brain function, or to increase its effectiveness in various neurological diseases.The most successful drug series was "Nootropil".

Take the medication recommended by a doctor-neurologist.Doses are selected strictly individually for each patient with a certain diagnosis.It is used in neurological diseases and certain mental disorders (phobias, depression, apathy).

domestic analogue drugs became widely used "Piracet
am."Effectively and available for purchase by all social strata patients.Appointed after a stroke, to relieve withdrawal symptoms dizziness treatment and sense of balance disorders.

Foreign drug had a more pronounced effect.Patients noted an overall improvement in health and memory.Takes medication several courses, with an interval of 1.5-2 months, and the control of a neurologist.

drug for intravenous or intramuscular injection "Cere" applied strictly after the visit to the doctor.It is proved by clinical trials on the effect of the drug in patients with Alzheimer's disease and post-stroke conditions.Indicated for recovery after brain injury and brain concussion.

All nootropics have several contraindications and accepted only after consulting a doctor, in contrast, for example, by dietary supplements.Recently purchased without a prescription from pharmacies, since they do not contain the therapeutic dose of the active substance.

biologically active food supplements

medicines dietary supplements are not, so doctors can only recommend one or another means of patients with disorders of brain activity.Typically, they include: glycine, B vitamins and plant extracts.

receiving means during or after a meal, washed down with a sufficient amount of liquid.The main contraindication to the use of nutritional supplements has become only idiosyncrasy of the individual components of the composition.

Good reviews deserved products containing ginkgo biloba, glycine and biocalcium.After the course of such drugs is a general improvement and increase efficiency, as well as the normalization of sleep.