drug "Reduxine" should be taken orally with water.Serving as a possible means of fasting and eating.Drink "Reduxine" should be 1 time per day in the morning.The recommended initial dose of the drug is 10 mg.In case of poor tolerability, including the occurrence of side effects, the dosage should be reduced to 5 mg per day.
After 4 weeks of "Reduxine" weight should be reduced by at least 5%.In the absence of this result means the dosage should be increased to 15 mg.If after 3 months of the drug weight never fell by 5%, treatment should be suspended.In the case where the result achieved when the weight rises again more than 3 kg, and the drug should be stopped.
duration of treatment pills "Reduxine" determined individually.In the normal course of therap
y, the drug should be taken to achieve an optimal weight.This figure is determined by the dietician under the supervision of which is performed weight loss.Accepted alone should not be because of the possibility of health problems.Maximum deadline "Reduxine" is 1 year.
Treatment with "Reduxine" should be combined with other methods of weight loss.In particular, it is necessary to comply with the recommended diet doctor.Also with medical weight loss it is recommended to exercise and try to lead an active life.During the reception, "Reduxine" need to monitor the state of health.About all the side effects should be reported to your doctor.
Tablets "Reduxine" should not be taken in obesity of organic origin, particularly in hypothyroidism.The drug is contraindicated in mental illnesses and complex eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction.Also receiving funds prohibited in diseases of the kidney, liver and heart, pheochromocytoma, thyrotoxicosis, angle-closure glaucoma, hypersensitivity to the drug during pregnancy and during lactation.