«Gistan": composition

drug is available as a cream and capsules.The cream also includes a natural antihistamine substance betulin, which is produced from thin birch bark, and essential oil of lily of the valley.Essential oil of lily of the valley easily penetrates the skin, stimulates the metabolism and circulation processes.Cream "Gistan" also contains:
- extract of birch buds,
- a peptide extract of lupine,
- extract of the herb spurge,
- extract of Veronica spicata,
- extract Viola tricolor,
- extract of bur beggar-ticks,
- extract of marigold flowers,
- extract of the herb dropsy.

Capsules "Gistan" refer to biologically active additives (BAA).This preparation is the source glitsirizirovannoy acid, flavonoids and arbutin, which normalize the functional state of organs and systems in the event of a predisposition to allergies, and are also used to reduce the r
isk of disease.The composition of capsules "Gistana" is a sheet of cranberries, herb centaury umbrella, licorice root, fruits Viburnum ordinary, grass succession tripartite. Cream "Gistan" is available in tubes of 30 ml, the capsule "Gistan" - 200 mg per pack (36 pieces).

«Gistan": indications

Cream "Gistan" prescribed for atopic dermatitis, eczema, skin itching, rash, insect bites, to eliminate the cutaneous manifestations of drug allergy type photodermatosis, for the prevention of infectious complications.The tool is made on the basis of a hypoallergenic base.Its main ingredient is dimethicone - silicone polyglucoside.It creates a film on the affected skin areas that oxygen freely passes but prevents allergens and moisture.

Instructions for use and feedback

Cream "Gistan" applied to the affected skin and then rub with light massaging movements.This procedure must be carried out two to four times per day.The tool is used to relieve symptoms.Capsules "Gistan" designated for adults, take them inside during the meal, one capsule twice a day.According to numerous reviews on the use of "Gistana" maximum effect occurs after use of the drug for one to two months. «Gistan" should be stored in a dry and dark room at a temperature no higher than 20 degrees.Shelf life - two years.

«Gistan" is contraindicated in hypersensitivity identified, during pregnancy and breastfeeding (this applies to the capsules).On reviews at the time of the drug allergic reactions.