ingestion of activated charcoal gives excellent effect in the treatment of food poisoning, as well as poisoning the initial components of heavy metals.He also indicated for severe infectious illnesses, such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever.This drug can also be used with the flatulence and colitis, dispersions and diarrhea, gastritis with high acidity.

Rules ingestion

With strong bloating adults is desirable to take this drug at a dosage tablet for every ten kilograms of weight, drinking plenty of pure water three times a day for an hour before meals for a week, although you can rate reduced to threedays.

Intoxication chemicals or dysentery, and after infection of the body after drinking dirty water should be consumed substance by a special technique, which was developed specifically for the patient's doctor.

If you notice signs of intoxication is recommended to drink the required amount of activated charcoal and immediately seek help from a specialist.

is enough inside to take two grams of the drug in a couple of hours after a meal and drink plenty of water, like poisoning symptoms completely disappear.It should be noted that the drug is widely used for the treatment of alcoholism.It is for this to take about thirty grams of the drug in half a glass of water and drink three times a day for a couple of hours after a meal.In addition, if the man is some kind of festive event with alcohol, it can protect themselves from the poor quality of the product, taking the drug inside in advance.

Coal against overweight

Activated charcoal absorbs perfectly toxins that are in the digestive tract, while there is a decrease in the load on the liver, whose activity is then significantly improved.Fast enough positive dynamics of the reception of this means - the very next day.

In recent years, this tool is widely used for weight loss in women.This is not surprising, because the activated carbon is an excellent sorbent able to absorb the harmful substances with the smallest molecular structure.This tool is absolutely harmless.Therefore, this drug should be always at hand, whether it be in a pharmacy or a beautician woman motorist.One need only consider that in addition to the drug toxins out of the body and vitaminy.Poetomu abuse taking activated charcoal is not necessary.