Oral contraceptives - the achievement of mankind

human endocrine system - a complex internal mechanism of self-regulation with the help of special protein molecules called hormones.Their work contributes to the correct starting of various processes in the body, aimed at maintaining homeostasis.But excessive or insufficient production of a hormone leads to disruption of the entire balance, so carefully set up the joint activity of all glands.

What happens during the reception of a woman of synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy?In the natural cycle regulation of the sex glands, being in close "contact" with the pituitary and hypothalamus, provide oocyte maturation, its exit fr
om the follicle, corpus luteum formation, and in the absence of pregnancy - the beginning of menstruation.

In the case of reception OK woman gets an extra dose of estrogen and progesterone - a hormone produced by a woman's own sexual glands, which block the maturation of the egg and the activity of the corpus luteum.Accordingly, the menstrual cycle stops.Yes, a woman is going through a regular withdrawal bleeding, but it was not menstruating.

Since there is no oocyte maturation, pregnancy becomes impossible.Thus, women in control of their lives, build a career, without depriving themselves of sexual relations.At the same time observed the positive change in well-being, which the doctors say and leaflets recommending OK: relief of premenstrual syndrome, lack of pain during bleeding, improvement of the skin and hair.This, of course, can not please women: they become independent of his own nature.

Side effects of hormones

In fact, when ingested synthetic hormones endocrine system goes astray, because until the end to take into account all the features of autonomic self-regulation, despite medical advances, it is impossible.The body begins to work under stress, and sooner or later, following the principle "where the thin, there and tear" something breaks: problems with immunity, individual organs, mood, stress resistance.

In addition, long-term use of synthetic hormones (any cancer) to develop their own stops - the body will not produce what is already available.This means that iron dormant atrophied over time, and the probability of pregnancy after canceling OK declines the more the longer continued their reception.

Any hormone replacement therapy should be considered as an extreme measure of saving treatment.But before applying QA requires not only consultation with a gynecologist, but also a thorough examination, as their use has a number of contraindications, including women over the age of 35 years, smoking, hypertension, varicose thrombosis, heart disease and liver.It should take into account the effect of contraception on the body and to answer the main question: whether and so it is necessary?