pharmacological action "Betadine" is a gradual release of iodine from the active ingredient of the drug - polvinillirrolidona that connects it in a bottle.After applying means to the skin or mucosa iodine acts directly on the amino acid in the structure of cell pathogens and neutralize them within 15 seconds.With the gradual release action "Betadine" lasts much longer, compared with the effect of a conventional iodine solution, and thus does not irritate the mucous membranes and skin.
main indication for the use of "Betadine" are skin damage and infections.The drug is available in different forms - so betadinovaya ointment is excellent for the treatment of non-healing pressure ulcers and sores, infectious skin disorders, as w
ell as to prevent ingress of bacteria in the wound on the skin.Betadine solution is used to disinfect skin and mucous hands before surgery - biopsy, operations, injections, punctures, etc.Betadinovye candles prescribed for vaginal trichomoniasis and fungal diseases.
Ointment "Betadine" is used locally by applying a thin layer on a clean and dry surface from 1 to 2 times a day for two weeks.A layer of ointment cover aseptic bandage.Solution of "Betadine" skin topically treated in diluted form (water to 40 degrees), and the initial concentration.To disinfect the hands should be applied 3 ml of diluted drug to the skin and wait 30 seconds.Apply betadinovy ​​solution can be no more than three times in 24 hours.
Candles "Betadine" before use is necessary moisten and use before bedtime.They can be used during menstruation, and the dosage is 1-2 candles per day during the week.The drug is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women because iodine accumulates in breast milk, as well as bullous polymorphous dermatitis, renal dysfunction and individual sensitivity to iodine.Because of side effects in rare cases, allergic skin reactions, anaphylactic shock and disruption of water and electrolyte metabolism.