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«Ceftriaxone" prescribed for the treatment of severe infections in various human organs.The drug is used in conditions such as sepsis, meningitis, Lyme disease, bone and joint infections, and skin and soft tissue.The medicine is used to get rid of infections in patients who already have a weakened immune system due to the effects of other drugs.

antibiotic can prick to combat upper respiratory infections and infection of the respiratory tract.Very often the drug is indicated for the treatment of pneumonia.Sometimes it is used to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive tract infections. «Ceftriaxone" is also taken in the postoperative period as a drug designed to prev
ent possible complications.

use of the drug

drug is administered only intramuscularly or intravenously.For persons older than 12 years of "Ceftriaxone" is assigned in the amount of 1-2 g every 24 hours.In severe cases, the daily dose may be increased to 4 g

When assigning newborn formula is used dosage of 20-50 mg / kg of body weight every 24 hours.For infants and young children (from 15 days to 12 years) appoint 20-80 mg per kg of body. 1 g "Ceftriaxone" is dissolved in 3.6 ml of water for injections.

Duration of treatment may depend on the extent of the disease infection and sensitivity to the drug.The drug is given in the original volume with impaired renal function.When combined renal and hepatic insufficiency physicians are monitored for the amount of active substance in plasma.If you exceed the standards for levels of antibiotic in the blood of an adjustment of dosage. often "Ceftriaxone" is used as a means of emergency.


Patients who were treated according to an antibiotic, there is a serious pain that occur with the introduction of the drug.Despite the severe pain when administered antibiotic which reviews drug is quite effective in the treatment of pneumonia and pyelonephritis.Also, there is evidence of its usefulness in the treatment of diseases of the female genital organs.In all, there are positive feedback effects "Ceftriaxone". Some reviews suggest that the drug is especially used during post-operative recovery.

Patients note that antibiotic helped to recover from bronchitis, sinusitis.Negative reviews that relate to the ineffectiveness of the drug, were reported.Most patients undergoing a course of the drug, were under observation in the hospital as a medicine in the medium and high doses can cause serious side effects.