bandage for pregnant women - a special tool created to hold the anterior abdominal wall and internal organs in the normal position.This device helps to redistribute the load properly, resulting in a bit unable to unload some spine.
Before you buy a bandage, be sure to check with your gynecologist.There are certain contraindications that limit its scope.For example, it can not be worn in those cases, if the fetus is wrong.Many experts believe that in normal pregnancy in the application supporting the belts are not necessary.This bandage is necessary for women who had previously suffered a cesarean section, as well as having many mothers.After several pregnancies abdominal muscles become easily extensible and require additional support.
When you select a band guid
ed by their own needs.In commercially available support belt for pregnant women, special support panties and versatile band.Pants with a high elastic waist - the kind of support device impractical, but they are not visible under clothing.Universal bandage can be used both before birth and thereafter.Equally important is the fabric from which the product is made.Pay attention to the support belt, the inside of which is made of natural fabrics, do not irritate the skin.
Choosing a bandage in the store, be sure to consider its size.If the size of your waist is 65-79 centimeters, then you need to pay attention to the size S. Waist 80-96 centimeters is the size of M, 97-106 centimeters - the size L, 107-120 cm - size XL.
Some bands have their own belt-dimensional grid.As a rule, the dimensions are assigned numeric value from 1 to 6. Thus, for example, a belt marked "1" corresponds to the size of Russia's 42, "2" - 44 size, "3" - size 46, "4" - the size of 48 "5 "- 50 size," 6 "-52 size.To not make the wrong choice, try before you buy a bandage.If the size is matched correctly, you will feel it as comfortable as possible.