Properties drug

As part of "Tsindola" contains zinc oxide, which helps neutralize inflammation, actively influencing the foci of infection.The alcohol component has a disinfecting effect, preventing the development of infection and its elimination.Talc dries inflammatory elements.This combination of components allows you to completely get rid of acne.

Efficiency "Tsindola»

According to the reviews, "Tsindol" is an excellent tool in the fight against acne.The drug is effective in the treatment of acne and acne, including "talker" helps with various dermatitis.The tool eliminates the equally well as the teen acne and mature skin inflammation.Nevertheless, in some cases, treatment "Tsindolom" does not bring the desired results.In particular, the drug will not help in the treatment of acne occurred during demodicosi
s (subcutaneous mite) - the disease requires an in-depth treatment. drug "Tsindol" can be used to treat acne on the face and on the body, particularly on the chest and back.

How to apply "Tsindol»

get the desired result - a clean skin can properly use this tool.First of all, the solution should be applied on clean skin.Another important point is that the vial before use "Tsindolom" should be shaken well to obtain a uniform suspension.Use "Tsindol" need 2-3 times a day.2-3 hours after applying the tool with a dry cotton pad to wipe it off the face, then wash. «Tsindol" after drying forms a film on the face, so it can not be used before going out.

on individual acne medication should be applied dot, using a moistened with a cotton swab.Do not use the suspension is in the facial area, not subject to eruptions, because some components "Tsindola" act aggressively enough and can retain moisture, dehydrated skin.In the case of heavy precipitations means should be applied with a cotton pad, a good lubricating all inflammation.

duration of treatment "talker" depends on the profusion of lesions and their severity.To get rid of acne unit will take several days.To address multiple inflammatory need more time.Sometimes, for a full deliverance from acne need more than 2 months.The effectiveness of treatment depends largely on the regular use of funds.