Several thousand years ago, there have been the most massive mutation of genes that impact on human evolution.One is responsible for the appearance of fair-haired and blue-eyed people, and other people have allowed adults to digest whole milk.

Smaller mutations cruising around the world.About half of them are neutral, 30-40% lead to the emergence of various diseases and degeneration, and only 10% - are useful.Mutations easily inherited pathological genes are accumulated in humans for thousands of years.Their number is growing exponentially.

Of course, there are positive aspects of this process.For example, mankind has been able to survive when the w
orld is flooded with terrible plague, because there were not individuals susceptible to infection.They gave their descendants the gene.

But the problem of harmful mutations of genes that transmit various diseases to man and ugliness has become quite acute.A group of scientists believes that the need to improve the process of reproduction.Genetic engineering will be needed in the event that one does not have a healthy set of units of heredity.

If this happens, there is a risk to your children to convey harmful mutations.The man then trusted his sperm, and a woman - egg medical geneticist, who will work on the material and clean it.Scientists remove the bad mutations, leaving all hereditary memory.Thus be able to avoid the degeneration of humanity because of the unsustainable changes in the body.

Not all agree to use the latest technology in the "creation" of offspring.But scientists predict that in 10-20 years it will become a necessity.As a result of this "purification" of conception are born smart and healthy children.But, most likely, they are similar to each other, as will certain common genes, but their number is limited.