Smoking and teeth

Prolonged smoking causes yellowing and later - darkening of the tooth enamel.Blame the tar contained in tobacco smoke.
Smokers more likely to suffer from tooth decay - hot smoke entering the mouth, causes the smallest damage to the enamel, and a rich patina - the ideal environment for bacterial growth.In addition, tobacco smoke causes dryness of the mouth - a small amount of saliva is not able to "flush" the bacteria from the tooth surface.

from the harmful effects of smoking will not save even a prosthesis - the life of prostheses due to exposure to tobacco smoke is reduced by several years.Implants smokers take root poorly, and sometimes completely reject
ed due to the deterioration of blood circulation and the development of bacteria in the implant site.

special toothpaste - not the solution.Due to the high abrasiveness can not use them consistently, to prevent damage to the enamel.Bleaching offered by dentists, while returns on the teeth white, but if the patient continues to smoke, quickly turn yellow teeth again.

How does smoking on gums and mouth?

Plaque suffered by smokers, hardens, it turns to stone.Because of this rapid develop chronic inflammation of the gums - gingivitis.The neck of the tooth is exposed, between it and the gum formed deep "pockets".Fall into the "pockets" food residues create a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that cause periodontal inflammation.Gums begin to fester, the tooth is destroyed.

Prolonged smoking worsens the condition of the oral mucosa.Smokers are more likely to develop diseases such as stomatitis (formation of painful sores on the inside of the lips and cheeks), leukoplakia (white patches on the appearance of the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue).Especially dangerous leukoplakia - actinic portions of the mucous membrane often precedes the development of cancer.Cancer of the tongue and mouth occurs in smokers are several times more likely than those who never start smoking or just broke up with a bad habit.

Cigars and pipes cause no less harmful than cigarettes.Although it is often possible to hear assurances that pipe tobacco, or the leaves of which are rolled cigars, better and better than trash, which was packed cigarettes or filter cigarettes, smoking in any case very dangerous to health.

Smoking impairs blood circulation and lowers the immune system, resulting in the treatment of dental and oral smokers often ineffective and accompanied by complications.