«Bifiform": instructions for use

«Bifiform" for adults is a capsule with enteric shell, inside of which is a lyophilisate of lactic acid bacteria (bifidobacteria and enterococci in the dried form), as well as excipients such as lactulose,lactic yeast, etc."Bifiform Kid" in addition to the beneficial bacteria contains in its composition also B vitamins drug for children is available in sachets or in the form of tablets and is not a drug and a dietary food supplement.

«Bifiform" prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea and dysbiosis, which can be caused by diseases of the digestive system, intestinal infections, low immunity, taking certain medicines.The drug can be taken not only in the advanced stages of the disease, but also as a preventive measure, as well as to main
tain immunity in frequently ill children and adults.

Adults and children who have reached the age of two, "Bifiform" administered one capsule 2-3 times a day.In severe cases, it may be selected another regimen, e.g., 2 2 capsules twice a day or one capsule four times a day.In acute diarrhea quite a three-day course of therapy.In other cases, the duration of treatment can be up to two to three weeks. «Bifiform" you can drink both before and after meals.It is only important to comply with equal time intervals between doses of the drug.

«Bifiform Kid" administered to children aged 1-3 years.Kids give one powder pack at a time, children older than two years - a chewable tablet.Quantity of the drug can reach 2-3 times a day.The drug can be given, and children over the age of three years, but in this case, the dose should be increased to two powders / tablet 2-3 times a day.The duration of treatment is 5 days or more. Children up to the doctors recommend giving "Bifiform Baby."It is available in liquid form and suitable for use even in neonates.The dosage of the drug is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the condition of the baby.

Side effects "bifiform»

the treatment "bifiform" in designated doses side effects usually do not occur.However, when exceeding the dosage may appear abdominal pain, constipation, flatulence and other violations in the digestive system.

only contraindication for the administration of the drug is an idiosyncrasy of its components.