turns out, a lot of diseases occur because of problems with the spine.The spinal column is the spinal cord, from which come the nerve trunks, to ensure the normal functioning of organs.If you began to disturb pains in the heart, not only refer to a cardiologist, but also to vertebronevrolog.
Quite often people with the appearance of pain in the heart, which is given to the blade and are accompanied by numbness of the fingers and the fear of death, first of all start drinking nitroglycerin.Before you start taking heart medications, first make sure that you do not have degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine.In most cases, these symptoms do not show up on an ECG rhythm changes, low back pain
is common among the population many times larger than the cardiac pathology.
In these situations, do not rush to drink tablets, and start treatment of diseases of the spine.In most cases, help massage, reflex and physiotherapy.After normalization of blood circulation and eliminate the symptoms of peripheral nerve root entrapment heart pain disappear.
Another common disease, which is usually just medicate is hypertension.And not always investigated the cause of the increase in pressure.Quite often these causes are excess body weight, excessive use of salt and fluids, neuroses, osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine.Therefore, we first examined the factors that caused this pathology.
After a detailed study of the causes of the disease begin to eliminate them.Follow the diet, engaged in moderate exercise, use meditation to acquire emotional and mental balance, as well as loans measures to eliminate spinal osteochondrosis.This approach will help to give up unnecessary medications will protect your liver from excessive loads and to avoid drug addiction.