take "no-silos" inside, with a little water.If the "No-spa" is assigned as part of the overall treatment, take her by the hand of 30-45 minutes.after eating, during an emergency admission, you can not adhere to this rule.Drug begins to act 10-20 min., The maximum concentration in serum is reached after 45-60 min.
maximum daily dose for adults ─ 240 mg, the usual daily dose of 120 mg ─.The daily dose divided into 2-3 doses.The single maximum dose of 80 mg ─."No-spa forte" contains the maximum single dose in each tablet, if you want to take 40 mg tablet ─ divide.If within 2 days from the beginning of the se
lf-treatment of pain is not held ─ consult a doctor.Over long-term use, "But-spa" is not valid, except in cases when the drug was appointed as an additional therapy.
Children from 6 to 12 years of "no-silos" can be given no more than 2 times a day, the maximum daily dose of 80 mg ─, t. E. 2 tablets.Children older than 12 years of "no-silos" give 2-4 times a day one tablet, with a maximum daily dose of 160 mg ─ and ─ maximum single 40 mg.
«No-spa" does not have embryotoxic effects on the fetus, and therefore can be used during pregnancy, for example, for removal of uterine tone.The drug should be administered a physician, it is best to avoid injecting "But-spa."During breastfeeding question of admission "shpy" should be decided on an individual basis.
Indications for admission "shpy": smooth muscle spasms, tension headaches, menstrual pain.Do not take this medication for severe forms of renal, cardiac or hepatic failure, children up to 6 years.Very carefully, it should be taken for patients with low blood pressure as the active substance and act on the muscular wall of the vessels."No-spa" in the solutions for injection are sold by prescription only and should not be used without a doctor's prescription.
Side effects at the therapeutic doses "shpy" occur only in 0.01% of patients.Headache, heart palpitations, nausea, hives, insomnia ─ the most common complaint associated with taking the drug.If you have taken a large dose of "No-Spa", is required to wash out the stomach as quickly as possible to bring the victim to the hospital or call an ambulance.
tablets in a blister aluminum / aluminum are stored for 5 years at temperatures up to 30 ° C, the tablets in a blister aluminum / PVC should be kept at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C, shelf life ─ 3 years tablets in bottles should be stored indark place at a temperature 15-25oS 3 years from the date of issue.Analogs "shpy» ─ any antispasmodics, drotaverine containing as an active substance.It is necessary to take into account their effectiveness may be different from the effectiveness of the "No-Spa", the side effects and the frequency of their occurrence is also different.