Advantages analog drugs

After discharge, the patient physician prescription inevitably thinks, and whether it is possible to replace more expensive drugs available afford analogs.Everybody knows that Russian drugs much more affordable imports.But in the Russian market can be found on the different cost money, but they have virtually the same composition and effects on the body.

When the market enters a new, expensive drug, it gives the patent term of 10 years.During this period it is prohibited to create analog drugs, this is done for profit.But after this period, many companies provide similar but cheaper drugs, having all of the same properties.These are called generics.Such drugs there are several advantages.Firstly, it is
lower cost.Second, high efficiency, that is, in this respect, they are not inferior to expensive drugs.Third, they are safe.Fourthly, their structure is similar to the original drugs, which have been examined experimentally.

Generics are widely used.Of great importance is the fact that generics are less fake, since it is not economically feasible.

Disadvantages analog drugs

Despite all its advantages, generics are small minuses.Firstly, it is a small, but still a possible risk of purchasing counterfeit drugs.Secondly, in most analog means include additional ingredients that can reduce the activity of the drug, reduce the speed of onset of therapeutic effect.Also, they have more side effects than the better-known mark.But, nevertheless, this does not have much negative impact on the body.

Generics are safe, if they are made in compliance with all recipes.Today, they are in great demand among the population.

such drugs tens or even hundreds.For example, an analog of painkillers "No-spa" is "Drotaverinum", "Imodium" - "loperamide".Examples include very much.Thus, replace prescription medication can be an analog, but only after consultation with a specialist.Analog drugs make it possible to market medicines accessible to people of all social status.