modern woman knows that pregnancy should be planned and desired, therefore, as a means of contraception preference is given to oral contraceptives.Currently, birth control pills not only prevent pregnancy, but also have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands, normalize the menstrual cycle, which runs absolutely smoothly.
Before taking the tablets still necessary to address to the gynecologist, who will appoint the best option.For the pharmaceutical industry for ten years he stepped very far in the production of contraceptives.The most modern and commonly prescribed option is mikrodozirovannye contraceptives.
Mikrodozirovannye oral contraceptives contain in their composition only 15-20 micrograms of estrogen and are intended for
women who have not given birth, but lead a regular sex life.And they are assigned to women who have reached the age of 35, has already given birth and want to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.
mikrodozirovanny to choose the right preparation, you must understand the needs of women.If she just wants to get the means for protection, it fit monophasic preparations "Logest", "" Lindinet 20 "," Mersilon "," Novinet. "In its composition they contain a low dose of ethinyl estradiol - 20 micrograms.These oral contraceptives are perfect for young girls who have not taken any hormones.
If a woman wants to obtain additional cosmetic effect, for example, it increased sebaceous glands, have acne, then it is better to pay attention to mikrodozirovannye drugs "Jess" and "Jess plus."They have anti-androgenic effect, that is, the woman normalizes the sebaceous glands, the hair stay clean longer, skin rashes disappear.
When a woman is already 35 and she has given birth, except for contraceptive effect, it requires a minimum amount of hormones.Gynecologists usually in such a case is assigned "Logest."The great advantage of this drug is that it has a therapeutic effect on the diagnostic for diseases associated with female genital organs.
Among the large number mikrodozirovannyh contraceptives every woman will find a best and safest option.