Indications "Mucosolvan»

«Mucosolvan" promotes the release of viscous mucus, and therefore prescribed for the treatment of respiratory diseases.These include:

- respiratory viral infections (flu, colds, etc.);
- acute and chronic bronchitis;
- pneumonia, both bacterial and viral origin;
- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
- bronchiectasis;
- asthma, accompanied by obstruction of sputum discharge.

Methods of Use "Mucosolvan" Dosage and

drug is available as a solution for inhalation and internal use, syrup and tablets.Children up to 12 years' Mucosolvan "appointed either in solution or syrup.The dosage for children under two years of 1 ml or 2.5 ml of the syrup.Multiplicity of reception and in that, and in the other case is two times a day.Children 2-6 years dosage "Mucosolvan" increased by adding additional drug administration (the same dose,
but 3 times a day).Children 6-12 years "Mucosolvan" give 2-3 times a day.If the drug is assigned in the syrup, the dosage of 5 mL (15 mg of active ingredient);if in solution - 2 ml. There are two varieties of syrup "Mucosolvan."In 5 ml contains 15 mg of ambroxol, the other - 30 mg.First approved for use from an early age, the other - only 6 years old.

Children over 12 and adults "Mucosolvan" you can drink 1 tablet three times a day.In severe cases, the dosage can be doubled.In a drug solution administered in a dosage of 4 ml syrup - 10 ml (5ml syrup dosing / 30 mg - 5 ml).

inhalable solutions used in admixture with a saline solution (ratio 1: 1).For the treatment of any suitable inhalers except steam.Infants aged 6 to be carried out two inhalations per day, using 2 ml of a solution at a time.Children older than 6 years and adults - 2 to 3 ml inhalation solution "Mucosolvan."

Despite the fact that the drug is released from pharmacies without a prescription, take it longer than 4-5 days is possible only after consultation with a specialist.

Contraindications and precautions

The most common treatment "Lazolvanom" well tolerated.However, long-term use are possible side effects from the gastrointestinal (heartburn, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting).There may be allergic urticaria or angioedema. If during treatment "Lazolvanom" any complications, you should stop the drug immediately and seek medical advice.

only contraindication to receiving "Mucosolvan" - individual intolerance, but to drink the medicine with caution should be during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as those with hepatic or renal insufficiency.