What DTP vaccination?

This vaccination is the most dangerous for the child's body and transferred to hard enough.Typically, vaccination in the first year of life is done in three steps:
- first vaccination - 3 months;
- second vaccination - 45 days after the first;
- third vaccination - 45 days after the second;
- after 6 months is a booster.

before vaccination is necessary to be examined by a pediatrician as to exclude the existence of any disease.Even after a mild cold to wait 10 days, and only then to vaccinate the child's body.Ideally, the pediatrician should provide guidance to prepare for grafting.This five-day intake antiallergic drugs before vaccination, after vaccination - three.

What can occur after vaccination?

Any injection is stressful for the child's body, but there are also more dangerous conse
quences.It should be in the first days after vaccination DTP monitor the state of health and behavior of the child.It should seek immediate medical care if:
- child limps or is experiencing pain in the leg;
- appeared at the injection site redness, swelling;
- all swollen leg;
- child cold;
- there was an abscess;
- child infected with chickenpox.

In these cases, against the background of reduced immunity is complicated by the disease, so it is best to show the doctor the baby to appropriate treatment and help the body fight infection.

local effects after vaccination with DTP are characterized by a small seal and swelling around the injection site.But after 1-2 days, these symptoms should disappear completely.

Common complications manifest as fever, restless behavior, allergic reactions, seizures.That is why after vaccination, pediatricians advised to take antihistamines and antipyretics.

At high temperatures often occur febrile seizures that take place after administration of antipyretic drugs.The appearance of seizures without a significant rise in temperature is more severe adverse reactions, which must inform the local doctor.Typically, this may be indicative of central nervous system of the child.

After any vaccination suffering body's immune system, so it is advisable to drink a course of vitamins and dietary diversity of fresh fruit and vegetables.