What are nose drops?

All nose drops act by the same mechanism - they have a vasoconstrictor effect.Under the mucous membrane in the nose of man are small blood vessels that during the illness leads to swelling of the mucous, the expansion of the nasal passages and shortness of breath.Active ingredients of different nature in different drops are the same, they remove the symptom, as a result breathing becomes easier.And with a cold such funds are fighting in another way: other substances in their composition affect the cells of glands that produce mucus.

Despite similar mechanisms of action, nasal drops differ in composit
ion, they can be produced on different bases that have their own advantages and disadvantages.Thus, by means of a cold-based ksilometazolita - "Galazolin", "Xymelin", "Otrivin" - have a lasting effect, make it easy to breathe and not squish his nose for seven to eight hours.Less have a lasting effect on the basis of a drop of phenylephrine (eg "Vibrocil", "Nazol Kids"), a maximum of four hours is required to repeat the treatment.

Based Oxymetazoline produce "Rinazolin", "Nazol", "Nazivin."They differ most persistent effect and in many cases, there are about ten hours."Sanorin" or "Naphthyzinum" (in their composition is naphazoline) different people do not work the same way, but some are excellent.Choosing a class of nasal drops, you need to know its own features, but it is advisable to buy the drug, which has the most long lasting, as the frequent use of funds from the common cold is not recommended.

When purulent rhinitis it is necessary to seek medical attention, in which case you will write a strong nose drops with a cauterizing and antiseptic properties - for example, "Protargol."

Choice nasal drops

Read part of funds for the nose.If it is eucalyptus, is a big plus, a drug based on it is effective, has antibacterial agents.In any case, the drops should have antimicrobial activity, not only to stop the development of disease symptoms, but also to fight pathogens.Ensure that the tool is made of water-based, on clothes that no traces of oil.Oil droplets are desirable for small children in the auditory tube, the oil can cause inflammation of the middle ear.

a very handy tool with a spray dosing, although such drops are a little more expensive than usual.Do not use the medication for the common cold more than three times a day, it leads to addiction and causes stagnation of blood flow - resulting symptoms may get worse.