The treat thrush

Often a woman feels the itching and burning in the genital area, accompanied by abundant white cheesy discharge.This vaginal candidiasis (popular name - "thrush") caused by fungi of the genus Candida yeast.

There are many effective drugs that contribute to getting rid of thrush.They are represented by several groups, have undoubted advantages: antibiotics (nystatin, natamycin), derivatives of triazoles (fluconazole), derivatives imidazoldioksalana (livarol) and imidazole (clotrimazole).

Local media

In the acute form of yeast commonly used means of local action - vaginal tablets, solutions, suppositories, ointments and creams.Typically, they contain in their composition potent antifungal agent clotrimazole, miconazole, levorin, nystatin and natamycin.Their advantage - a minimum of side effects, a
nd the therapeutic effect occurs immediately, thanks to the patient in a short time get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

disadvantage of this antifungal therapy is that it is effective only in mild forms of the disease.The most popular topical preparations are candles "Polizhinaks", "Klion-D" and "Terzhinan" having antibacterial and antifungal activity.

preparations for internal use

long flowing with endless recurrences of the infection should be treated more radically - tablet forms of drugs in common action.Antifungals new generation to quickly and effectively act on the source of infection.Currently, the most popular means are "Fluconazole" and "itraconazole".Sometimes they have to take several months, if chronic thrush accompanied by frequent relapses.

What tools are used in the "interesting situationĀ»

treatment of thrush in pregnancy usually start only after ascertaining the diagnosis, because there are many diseases with similar symptoms.The safest to date are "Nystatin", "Zalain", "Pimafucin" that can be used as a suppository or other means for local use.When prescribing thrush during pregnancy doctor chooses drugs acting maximum safety for the woman and her unborn child.