How does clavulanic acid

Clavulanic acid is a group Metaboliki (enzymes and antienzymes).It is an inhibitor of beta-lactamases, and has antimicrobial action.The structure of the substance is similar to the structure of the core nucleus of penicillin molecule.However, in contrast, instead of the thiazolidine ring includes clavulanic acid oxazolidine ring.

After ingestion Clavulanic acid inhibits beta-lactamases produced as a result of gram-negative and some other microorganisms.The mechanism of action of the substance is as follows: Clavulanic acid permeates through the cell walls of bacteria and inactivate enzymes contained in the cells and on their boundaries.The process of inhibiting beta-lactamase is often irreversible.As a result, bacteria are unable to develop resistance to the antibiotic used.

As used drugs with clavulan
ic acid

Clavulanic acid is administered simultaneously with the "amoxicillin" or "ticarcillin" for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to the combination.Dosage formulations is individual and is determined by the doctor depending on the patient's age, dosage form and indication.Intravenous preparations of clavulanic acid used with caution in patients with severely impaired liver function.When urticaria or erythematous rash medication should be discontinued.

Clavulanic acid is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.During pregnancy, the use of this drug is allowed to "amoxicillin" or "ticarcillin" only for health reasons.The lactation is not recommended to use the drug.By the side effects of clavulanic acid include: dyspepsia, cholestatic jaundice, abnormal liver function, hepatitis, pseudomembranous colitis, candidiasis, allergic reactions (erythema multiforme, angioedema, exfoliative dermatitis, urticaria, anaphylactic shock).

Trading names of drugs with clavulanic acid - "potassium clavulanate + microcrystalline cellulose."Combination medicaments containing clavulanic acid "Amovikomb" "Amoksiklav" "Amoksiklav Kviktab" "Arlette" "Augmentin" "Baktoklav" "Verklan" "Klamosar" "Liklav" "Panklav" "Ranklav"" Taromentin "" Flemoklav Soljutab "" Ekoklav '' Timentin '.