Mantoux test is carried out using the tuberculin - purified preparation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Tuberculin was invented by German physician Robert Koch in the late 19th century.Intradermal tuberculin was proposed by the French physician Mantoux in 1908.In Russia, the Mantoux test is used since 1965.

What are the results

The injection site there are specific inflammation caused by the immune reaction.If the body has already met with this mycobacteria, the inflammation is intense, that is, the response will be positive.By measuring the diameter of a transparent ruler papules, the doctor evaluates the immune response to the tuberculosis bacillus.In fact, the reaction to the tuberculin - one form of allergy.

Normally papule is the size of 5-16 mm.If no papules or only remaining trace of the injection - a neg
ative reaction, so no immunity against tuberculosis and the need for vaccination.Doubtful reaction - papule from 2 to 4 mm.If the "Buttons" is larger than 17 mm, it is a positive reaction.

Quite often there is a positive reaction in uninfected people.On the results of the sample is influenced by immunodeficiency, cancer chemotherapy, hemodialysis, disturbances in transport and storage of the tuberculin, etc.In itself, a positive response is not absolute proof of tuberculosis infection.To confirm the diagnosis, a number of other studies - chest x-ray, sputum culture and others.

Contra tuberculin

Mantoux test is not carried out in children under one year - due to the age characteristics of the immune system is the result of tests unreliable.Contraindications to tuberculin are allergic conditions, skin diseases, acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage, epilepsy.

Mantoux test should not be done in one day with any vaccine, as this increases the risk of false-positive reactions.Children with frequent episodes of nonspecific allergies Mantoux test is desirable to put on the background of anti-allergic agents.

How is the Mantoux test

in Russia tuberculin conducted annually since 1 year.We introduce a special drug intradermal tuberculin syringe.The volume of the administered dose is 0.1 ml.After the introduction of the tuberculin produced bulging upper layer of skin - "a button".Mishandling of "a button" can affect the outcome of trials, it is recommended not to comb the injection site, avoid contact with water, do not smear or tape adhesive.