Instructions for use

Ā«Viferon" comes in the form of suppositories to be administered rectally - into the rectum.Unless otherwise specified, drug use 1 suppository 2 times a day.Adults in the treatment of influenza and SARS, as well as urogenital infections, use candles dosage of 500 thousand. IU.The course of treatment - 5-10 days.When urogenital diseases, if necessary, after 5 days of treatment course can be repeated.When herpes infections of adults use suppositories dose of 1 million IU.The course of treatment - 10 days, with recurrent infections, it can be extended. drug "Viferon" should be applied at intervals of 12 hours.

Pregnant women from the second trimester, you must use candles for 500 thou
sand. IU - 10 days, then 2 times a week as of 2 suppositories per day - 10 hours.After 4 weeks, appointed preventive courses lasting 5 days - twice a day 1 suppository dosage of 150 thousand. IU.Repeat prophylactic course should be every 4 weeks. If necessary, treatment can be carried out before delivery.

in viral hepatitis adults prescribed suppositories "Viferon" of 3 million IU.The daily dosage for children is divided into 2 times and amounts to: for infants up to 6 months - 300-500 thousand. IU, children 6-12 months - 500 thousand. IU.The daily dose for children from 1 year depends on body surface area: for children 1-7 years - 3 million. / M2 over 7 years - 5 million / m2.Within 10 days of daily drug is used, then - in a day (3 times a week).Treatment is carried out 6-12 months.Final duration of therapy is determined individually.

to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases of newborns and preterm infants with gestational age more than 34 weeks, used candles "Viferon" 150 thousand. IU 2 times a day.Preterm infants with gestational age less than 34 weeks - 150 thousand. IU 3 times a day (with an interval between doses 8 hours).The course of treatment for both groups - 5 days.

number of courses of therapy for children depends on the disease.With SARS, enterovirus and complicated bacterial infections, pneumonia and meningitis is necessary to conduct 1-2 courses.When herpes infection should receive 2 courses.When mycoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus infection, candidiasis and sepsis require 2-3 of therapy.


drug "Viferon" should not be used in the presence of allergic reactions to its components.Pregnant women can use means from the second trimester.Treatment "with interferon," usually takes place without the side effects.In rare cases, the treatment period may develop skin reactions such as urticaria and itching.These effects are temporary and pass three days after drug withdrawal.