There are many ways to prepare women for childbirth .For example, it acts effectively reflexology, psychological assistance to the process of the birth of the baby, aromatherapy, choosing the correct posture, etc.Typically, the adverse effects occur, when administered to women drug (in particular anesthesia).

In exceptional cases, epidural anesthesia (anesthesia) causes side effects.The first is a reduction in blood pressure, to eliminate the negative impact it is advisable to use intravenous drip of saline or other liquid.During the introduction of a woman in labor should take supine position.The sharp decline in blood pressure in women often leads to poor placental blood flow, resulting in an fetal hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

To eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction to a particular
drug for anesthesia, you must first obtain a test result.For example, the occurrence of itching and redness at the site of puncture after anesthesia should be used allergy (antihistamine) medication.

Some complications of epidural anesthesia due to technical difficulties with the direct manipulation of conduct.There are cases, when puncturing the inner layer of the dura mater of the spinal cord occurs getting anesthetic in spinal canal, which leads to a sharp decrease in blood pressure and difficulty breathing function.

There is also a risk of injury to the nerve roots that extend into the epidural space.In the case of touch nerve catheter new mother feels very sharp pain in my leg sweep.An experienced doctor at the same time changing the position of the catheter.

Insert the needle into the veins of the epidural space may result in bleeding and hit anesthetic in the blood.This leads to heart rhythm disorders, low blood pressure, dizziness, sharp, feeling of metallic taste in the mouth, reduce the sensitivity of the tongue and lips.In case of infection at the puncture site often leads to inflammation of the meninges (meningitis).