Oxolinic ointment

most popular antiviral drug used in the official medicine for more than a decade - oxolinic ointment.Active ingredient is oxoline which has the property of reacting with acids forming part of the herpes virus and block them.In addition, oxoline has a local anti-inflammatory effect.Besides the treatment of herpes sores, oxolinic ointment can be used for the treatment of stomatitis, adenoviruses, infectious warts, shingles, some types of viral rhinitis and dermatitis.

This drug is very effective for the prevention of colds and viral ill.To do this, you need to seasonal epidemics every morning and evening oksolinovuyu ointment applied thinly on the arc of the nostrils.Such a measure will block viruses, preventing them to penetrate into the body.Depending on the application, oxolin
ic ointment is manufactured with different concentrations of the active substance: the treatment of herpes, stomatitis and other skin diseases using 3% -s ointment for prophylactic purposes in the treatment of infants using 0.25% ointment cent.For all the merits of oxolinic ointment, the price of this drug is quite affordable.

In some cases, the use of oxolinic ointment is not allowed.Contraindications serves individual intolerance of components.In the treatment of children medication should be administered with caution as when applied to the nasal mucosa occurs in a child burning and discomfort.

drug "InfagelĀ»

In recent years, used to treat herpes drugs that increase the natural immunity of the organism, which then independently fights viruses.One such drug is "Infagel".The active ingredient - immunomodulator interferon.This drug has a good antiviral effect and stimulates the immune system.

Ā«Infagel" is used for the treatment and prevention of various viral infections: herpes, influenza, SARS;for the treatment of intrauterine infection of newborns;infections, sexually transmitted infections, varicella, stomatitis;eye infections.This drug does not cause burning and side effects, therefore approved for use in the treatment of children, but there is a possibility of an allergic reaction.Disadvantages include special storage requirements "Infagel" (in the refrigerator) and the relatively high price of the drug.

Deciding on the need to use antiviral drugs as well as their choice of the doctor should be tailored to the individual characteristics of the patient.Oxolinic ointment and "Infagel" have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should not self-medicate, so as not to cause unnecessary complications and achieve a good therapeutic effect.