main treatment of lymph nodes at the back

treatment of such disease involves the use of antibiotics.They will neutralize the effect of infection and avoid festering and other serious consequences.The dosage of antibiotics and course of a chosen doctor after survey.Extras can be assigned UHF therapy.Typically, the duration of sessions of no more than 25 minutes.The course of treatment may be up to several weeks.In addition, it is obligatory medication, reduce inflammation, such as NSAIDs.

addition, the treatment of lymph nodes should be accompanied by the use of vitamins.It is better to take them comprehensively.It is especially important that the body began to flow vitamin C. It promotes the rapid recovery of the immune system and effectively e
liminates inflammation.Well, if the patient is to drink large quantities of broth hips, because it contains vitamin C in excess.Also shown bed rest.

Adjuvant therapy for inflammation of the lymph nodes

addition to the main treatment, providing the medication, you can use folk remedies, but after consultation with the doctor.Excellent help with the inflammation of the lymph nodes at the back echinacea.It is necessary to squeeze the juice from this plant and take it 4 times a day for ¼ tsp.You can also take advantage of the grass, which is sold in pharmacies.It is brewed at the rate of 15 g per 1 liter, insist 30 minutes, strain and drink throughout the day.Every day is required to prepare a new herbal decoction.

worked well when lymphadenitis goldenseal Canadian.You can buy it in pharmacies in powder form.Required to use it in an amount of ½ teaspoon of warm water and drink.Accepted need 3 times a day.Also, it is recommended to use as prevention of inflammation of lymph nodes.

radical method of treatment

If inflammation of lymph nodes at the back moved into a serious stage, then there is a need for a procedure called lymphadenectomy.It involves surgery.The process itself takes 15-25 minutes, it is obligatory to use general anesthesia or local anesthesia.During the operation, there is a removal of the inflamed lymph nodes.The rehabilitation period is no more than 2 weeks.