Medical abortion is shown only in the early stages of pregnancy, and this no later than 42 days after the alleged conception.Held procedure only gynecologist, who closely supervises and monitors the process.
Many doctors believe that abortion using drugs safer for women than surgical abortion, and even a vacuum.Because there is no risk of a puncture or damage the wall of the uterus, scars medication is not formed, and no anesthesia is performed.
Gynecologists used for medical abortion are two types of drugs: a substance that is able to enhance the tone and contractility of the uterus and the drug to block the production of progesterone.Use these medicines together in a specific pattern.As a result, triggered by rejection of the ovum, and the effect is similar to
a normal menstruation.
before performing an abortion a woman carefully examined: take smears, do ultrasound, determine the exact timing of pregnancy.Thereafter, under the supervision of a doctor the patient must take "Mifepreks."That this drug blocks the action of the hormone progesterone.As a result, there are changes in the membranes of the ovum, it detaches from the uterine wall.After receiving the "Mifeprksa" the woman observed in the clinic for 2-4 hours and then go home.
1-2 days a woman will be able to watch at the bleeding, which is very similar to menstruation.At this time, it must appear to the doctor to complete the circuit medical abortion.The next step is taking medications that cause contraction of the myometrium and allow you to remove from the uterus fertilized egg - "Mifepristone" or "Mifegin."Under the influence of the uterus begins to contract rhythmically and there is miscarriage.Two weeks later, the woman should visit a gynecologist again, the doctor was convinced of the quality of the procedure.Ultrasound is done, if the fertilized egg is not published in full, by vacuum aspiration.
course, medical abortion is not absolutely safe method.After receiving the "mifepristone" and "Mifepreksa" may experience headaches, nausea, discomfort in the abdomen, even an allergic reaction in the form of urticaria.Therefore, doctors recommend nevertheless be protected by using condoms or birth control pills and patches to avoid the undesirable consequences of abortion.