Even 15-20 years ago, cod liver oil was sold exclusively in liquid form, so many remember him unpleasant smell and taste.Now find a drug in the form of oil is difficult, and the capsule will not cause children such disgust.Therapeutic and preventive effect of fish oil does not depend on the form of the release, so take it in the form in which you prefer.
children under the age of fish oil is indicated for the prevention and treatment of rickets.Preferred to give it in the form of an oil.Start therapy with 3-5 drops of the drug twice a day for a week, increase the daily dose of a teaspoon.If you are unable to purchase the drug in the form of oil, let the kid the contents of one capsule once a day.

Children aged 1-6 years do not have this deficiency of vitamin D, as infants, since it is obtained from food.Therefore, the dosage of the drug can remain the same if the child has no clinical or laboratory signs of rickets.If the tests indicate the presence of disease, the dosage of fish oil can be doubled.
If fish oil is assigned to you as a treatment for arthritis, take it 1-2 capsules three times a day.The same dosage is indicated for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Drink fish oil for two to three months.Upon completion of the course, consult with your doctor about continuing therapy.If there are signs of an overdose of vitamins A and D, treatment should be discontinued.If therapy gives the desired result and does not cause side effects, a repeated course of a month.
fish oil in the form of oil can be used topically.Lubricate it burns and chronic nonhealing wounds.Also from the oil can be a mask for the hair.Rubbing it into the scalp once a week.Within a month, the state and improve the appearance of hair.