out of favor in the medical environment paracetamol fell after the burst of liver diseases which are characterized by an overdose of the components that are part of paracetamol.In the United States we organized a study to prove that the drug is detrimental to the condition of the liver.Therefore, as an analgesic and antipyretic it can be used only under a doctor's supervision, and the best use of safer analogues. Paracetamol - one of the most proven and clinically studied drugs.He even included in the list of essential drugs, approved by the World Health Organisation.

Antiperetiki (zhroponizhayuschie)

One of the most common substitutes paracetamol is aspirin.It has the same prope
rties, but its effect on the body is less harmful.The main thing to avoid overdose, because with "shock" dose of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) may fail in the central nervous system.It should be noted that aspirin often cause allergies, and therefore is not for everyone, it should be used with caution, possibly changing or alternating with other medications peers.

Today, more and more people prefer ibuprofen.He copes with inflammatory processes in the body.It is used to lower the temperature at the head pain, tooth, and more.
Nurofen perfectly removes aches and lowers the temperature, it means prescribed for viral infections, as well as acute respiratory diseases, is one of the most acceptable replacements paracetamol.Nurofen well suppresses inflammation, but it is not suitable for renal dysfunction.

Analgesics (painkillers)

Diclofenac can replace acetaminophen with strong pains.It is used mainly in the postoperative period, as well as chronic pain.He has almost no contraindications.

Among the drugs for similar effects with paracetamol can be identified Pentalgin-H Solpadein, Kodellak.They are from 2012 sold only on prescription, prescription, the thing is that these drugs contain codeine, which has narcotic properties.Their action is very strong.

strong analgesics - medications like spazgan and maksigan - used for pain caused by spasm of smooth muscles, they are often prescribed to people who have suffered a head injury, surgery, and those who suffer from spinal hernia and protrusions.From the free circulation they also removed, so the acquisition will require a doctor's prescription.

No prescription is still possible to buy analgin (Metamizol natrii), he is allowed to sell in Russia, although withdrawn from circulation in the European countries because of the risk of agranulocytosis - a disease characterized by a drop in the level of neutrophils in the blood.