«Albucidum" - a sulfanilamide preparation which is very soluble in water and alcohol.There are several forms of drug: an ointment, to lay over the lower eyelid, injectable liquid, intended for direct instillation or intravenous administration, and the powder which is used for the disinfection of open wounds or scratches.

«Albucidum" - a drug capable of killing microorganisms in various inflammatory eye.


«Albucidum" is used in diseases of the eye of an inflammatory nature.Newborn drug used for the prevention of ophthalmia.

Adults Albucidum used for:
- blepharitis;
- conjunctivitis;
- cornea ulcer.

As used "Albucidum»

to the newborn child has not developed the disease ophthalmia, which is characteristic only for the first month of life, drip 2 drops in each eye immediately after birth.

for the treatment of major diseases "Albucidum" dig for t
he conjunctival sac 3 droplets.The tool can be used up to 6 times per day.

In severe cases, medication is instilled in the eye and administered by vein.Often drops alternate with laying the ointment for eyelid.For example, a drop in the morning, at night - the ointment.

before using consult your doctor.If you can not see a doctor, the treatment should begin with the more concentrated 30% solution "Albucidum."If you experience discomfort in the form of itching or burning, it is necessary to replace the drug at a lower concentration.

20% solution "Albucidum" is used most often in children.

Side effects

Pretty in rare cases "Albucidum" can cause irritation in the form of redness, itching or swelling of the eye.

If you have any symptoms should see a doctor.He may appoint a "Albucidum" lower concentration or even stop the drug.

Contraindications Do not use the "Albucidum" intolerant of sulfonamides.

allergic reaction "Albucidum 'cause if the patient hypersensitivity to" Furosemide "sulfonylurea or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.

Do not take "Albucidum" with drugs that contain silver salts.


Contact lenses should not be in contact with the solution.Therefore, before burying contact lenses need to be removed and to use them only half an hour.

opening the bottle should be used within 30 days.Stored "Albucidum" in a cool dark place at a temperature no higher than 15 degrees.Do not leave the solution in the sun.

Can you dig "Albucidum" nose

Apply "Albucidum" when starting a cold or rhinitis is not necessary.He can only make matters worse.

But with purulent rhinitis drug helps fight infection.

Before applying "Albucidum" with instillation into the nose should be analyzed to identify the pathogen.When viral rhinitis drug useless.