antral gastritis symptoms

When antral gastritis in a patient increases the acidity of the stomach, pain in the stomach, indigestion develops, there is nausea, bloating, stool disorders.The surface form of the disease occurs without scarring and lesions glands.Its causes are bacteria Helicobacter pylori.Untreated surface antral gastritis flows into a more severe form, while in the stomach and digestive tract develop gross changes.

During disease progression formed by erosion, they differ in the vastness and depth of distribution.Antral erosive gastritis harder to treat.In the later stages of the disease are diagnosed stomach bleeding.Contribute to the development of this form of gastritis systematic overeating at night, alcohol abuse, eating greasy, spicy and salty, violation diet or after acute infect
ious gastroenteritis, food poisoning.

Treatment antral gastritis

antral gastritis Treatment should be aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.Before prescribing regimens doctor finds the degree of infection of the patient, this is determined by the activity of urease test and inflammation.Urease test is the most accurate and quickly determine the level of contamination by bacteria.To suppress the activity of microorganisms prescribe antibiotics.To protect the gastric mucosa and to reduce production of gastric antacids and antisecretory agents, drugs that enhance tissue regenerative properties.

patient need to follow a special diet.Eating should be frequent and small meals to reduce the burden on the stomach.Products must contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.The diet reduced animal fat while increasing the amount of plant, animal proteins increase.The power can be turned on cereals, dietary meat, milk, cheese, honey.Will be useful porridge, soups from semolina, rice, barley, meat sauce, steamed.Do not eat food that increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid, spicy foods, food containing crude fiber, spices.Excluded are too hot and cold dishes.It should limit the use of fresh juices and fruits are high in fiber.