ischemia and myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction is the result of coronary heart disease.In terms of frequency of occurrence, on complications, ischemia of disability in the first place.The cause of ischemia following - is the restriction of the vessel that feeds a certain portion of the heart muscle.Man admits increased stress or has other reason high blood pressure rises, and a certain area of ​​the heart muscle suffers.Simply put, he dies - developing a heart attack.At the moment when this portion of the heart muscle does not receive blood (primarily oxygen with the blood), pain attack develops, which is very characteristic.The emergence of pain in this case indicates preinfarction condition.

symptoms preceding infarction co

pain during ischemia occurs, as a rule, not in the heart.This chest pain.Patients often describe it as: feeling that drove the count.Man is hard to breathe, people can not move, he has a fear of death.A characteristic symptom in people who have repeated the attack, takes nitroglycerin.The pain goes away.If the person at the time the pain is moving, he has to stop and the pain stops.So it is not the pain itself, and the whole dynamic of pain (during exercise - there is at rest - go, even without medication), if a middle-aged man, suggests that there is a high probability of coronary artery disease arising from her heart attack.

Risk Factors

According to studies, the major risk factors leading to coronary heart disease - smoking, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol in the blood plasma (hypercholesterolemia).

manifestations of coronary heart disease occur in connection with the narrowing of the coronary arteries, which occurs as a result of atherosclerosis.On the occurrence of coronary atherosclerosis affects heredity, excessive intake of fat, the constant high blood pressure, smoking and increased physical activity.


Heart attacks and strokes - the two most "popular" trends of diseases of the cardiovascular system, life-threatening.To be sure of the heart, you must periodically undergo clinical examinations.

Today, it is known that sport activities - is the main "trump card" in the prevention of heart attacks.So even if you are elderly and not a sports person worth talking to your doctor, start practicing sports.