plant found in a number of these steroid compounds: ascorbic acid, essential oils, pigments, gum and bitterness.Instructions for use syrup "liquorice" recommends it as an excellent expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent.

give a syrup from the rhizomes and roots of the plant.They contain large amounts: glycyrrhizic acid, the active ingredients, polysaccharides, and essential oils.At the root of the liquid present fairly valuable substance called an adaptogen, it has beneficial effects on human hormones and strengthens the immune system at the same time.

Studies, in a preparation showed foaming saponins.Because of their active influence, much easier breathing, great phlegm and improves the overall function of the secre

tory epithelium.

Pediatricians often prescribed to young children natural medicines "Licorice root" in the form of a syrup having a sufficiently high therapeutic efficacy.It is used to treat wet and dry cough, as well as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).Means quite natural, promotes removal of sputum sufficient operational and restoration of the mucous membranes.

According to the instructions, the drug exhibits an excellent antiviral, antimicrobial, antipyretic and analgesic effects.Because of flavonoid compounds contained in the "licorice root", strengthens blood vessels and normalize their permeability.In turn, the sodium salt of (part of the) adversely affects the parasite significantly inhibiting their activity.Often, the root of this plant is added to a variety of drug charges and is recommended for use in chronic bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia.

drug is used in allergic reactions, eczema, dermatitis, and various skin diseases.It is also very efficient use of Syrup "licorice root" in a variety of processes in the kidney (pathological character).The drug admirably with inflammation of the urinary tract, urolithiasis and pyelonephritis.

any disease syrup "Licorice" regarding children taken only after consulting a doctor pediatrician.

children the drug is approved for use with two years.Since this age until the child reaches the age of 12, at a given time is not more than half of the dessert spoons means previously diluted in 50 ml of water.The duration of this treatment is not more than ten days.It must be remembered that the drug is present in the composition ethyl alcohol, so it should be to give kids with extreme caution.

Contraindications to receive funds are: hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug, peptic ulcer disease, pregnancy and lactation.Gently apply the necessary "Licorice" hypertension, and diabetes.Before treatment is mandatory to consult with your doctor.