Spring beriberi

Every spring, the body has to withstand the difficult test: beriberi.But a lack of ascorbic acid to make up is quite simple - to eat citrus fruits, sauerkraut, apples, drink a decoction of rose hips.

With provitamin A, too, no problems - a lot of it in carrots, dairy products, liver, chicken eggs.Vitamin E is found in all of unrefined vegetable oils, nuts, sunflower seeds, whole grains.

vitamin C in the same group in the spring more difficult.If, for example, 100 g of dried rosehip askorbinki - 1200 mg Vitamin A - only 6.7 mg of vitamin B1 that - only 0.15 mg, and B6 and B12 are not at all.

B vitamins

Due to the lack of vitamin B1 develop various neuritis, paresis;appear indigestion;suffer cardiovascular system, intelligence;muscle atrophy, and the body loses weight.

At deficiency of vitamin B6 complexion becomes pa
le yellowish.There are skin diseases, headaches.Falling levels of hemoglobin, and a person becomes sluggish, lethargy, tired.Loss of appetite, attention is scattered, deteriorating memory.

And when the body does not receive systematic vitamin B12, anemia of varying severity.Until the defeat of the hematopoietic system, the brain and spinal cord paralysis.In women, the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, birth of children with neurological disorders.

Vitamins of the group, encouraging the reproduction of hemoglobin, red blood cells, improve blood composition.Increase its fluidity, it will circulate in the body.Strengthens the nervous system, and tested a variety of pain as a complex of vitamins B12, B1 + B6 + in sufficient doses, has an intense analgesic effect.It is no coincidence as it is prescribed for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially for back pain.

These vitamins are collected together in the "milgamma."It would be good to recall its existence after each winter.

How to take "Milgamma"

produced it in capsules and pills.Because the injections are usually more effective than pills to start treatment with injectable better "Milgamma."Also in solution - all three vitamins and tablets only B1 and B6.

is generally recommended to make 10 injections.One option - on a daily basis, the other - 3 days every day, then every other day.Syringes should be chosen with a long needle (not with 2 ml and 5 ml) - solution should be administered in the deep tissues of the buttocks.

After the injections take "Milgamma kompozitum" in the pills.On one thing a day, washed down with a glass of water.In severe pathologies doctor can double or triple the dose.But you can not increase it at their own discretion - an overdose leads to neurological disorders!

Apply "Milgamma" Only courses, usually at monthly intervals.Nausea, allergic reactions, headache, tachycardia drug is rare or very rare.

Contraindicated "Milgamma" pregnant women and nursing mothers;in acute heart failure;fructose intolerance, sucrose, glucose;individual hypersensitivity to the vitamins of the group.Babies "Milgamma" do not give, because there is no comprehensive data on its impact on the growing organism.