According to experts, children who were born to mothers who were nervous during pregnancy in the future is much more likely to suffer anxiety and increased mobility, they are more sensitive to changes in the environment - brightsun, light, odors, stuffiness, noise.Also, these children are more prone to later frequent mood swings.
nervous at contraindicated during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters.At this time, the baby nervous system is developed enough, so he feels the slightest change in the mood of his mother.If a pregnant woman is often nervous, the fetus may appear hypoxia - a rather
dangerous condition for its growth and development.In addition, the child can disrupt the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.
Therefore, no matter what stresses may occur in your life, try not to be nervous during pregnancy.Of course, if you want to give birth to a healthy baby, and not tormented rest of his life trying to cure the disease of the child.To maintain good spirits, experts advise to spend more time on outdoor recreation, pedestrian walks, especially in early pregnancy.Also, to save the well-being useful doing things you love - do needlework, cooking, listening to calm and pleasant music, watch good movies.
During this period, a pregnant woman is not desirable to take drugs.With a bad mood and emotional disorders are best to fight it using the above methods.Also, you can help aromatherapy, which is an effective tool in removing nervousness.Essential oils such as ylang-ylang, affects the emotional background is very favorable.So it makes sense to buy aroma lamp, and immerse yourself in the relaxation session.
After 16 weeks has become possible, although it is best to try to avoid this, carefully use some sedatives.However, in no case can not take any drastic tranquilizers.Harm the unborn child should not bring valerian, which the expectant mother can take to relieve nervousness, but only from time to time.Also considered harmless and weak broth or motherwort rather weak green tea, brewed with mint or lemon balm (in small quantities).
also sold in pharmacies ready sedatives fees herbs that are allowed to use during pregnancy.There are times when the attending physician prescribes, after consulting the pregnant woman to take glycine or magnesium preparations to reduce nervousness.In any case, during pregnancy filter alone can not sedatives.Before you take a sedative, you should consult with your doctor.