components and their impact

into "Spermaktina" contains several ingredients.L-carnitine fumarate is intended to regulate the process of improving sperm motility and enhances the natural metabolic processes in the germ cells of males.Acetyl L-carnitine can improve sperm motility, membrane and stabilize their operation.Also the additives include citric acid and fructose.

additive is indicated for the treatment of azoospermia (III-IV degree), preparations for the treatment of male infertility treatment using various techniques.BAA is also widely used to improve the quality of sperm prior to in vitro (IVF) fertilization procedure donation or cryopreservation of biological material. Some researchers have noted the effectiveness of additives in idiopathic infertility.

Applications and side effects

¬ęSpermaktin" comes in the form of a powder that dissolves in water (100-150 ml per serving).The additive is used inside during meals 2 times a day 1 sachet according to the instructions.In preparation for IVF and artificial insemination drug is used 3 times a day at the same dosage.The average course of treatment is not less than three months.

Among the side effects of supplements secrete digestive tract disorders, which are expressed in heartburn, bloating, stomach pain and disorders of the chair.Among the contraindications often marked idiosyncrasy of some components and the emergence of allergic reactions in patients receiving "Spermaktina."Also, do not take this medication if you have any severe kidney disease and liver.


According to numerous clinical trials of a drug can be considered effective.In laboratory conditions, the BAA contributed to the emergence of positive dynamics in the treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system, but it is worth noting that "Spermaktin" is an additive, but because it can be used only in conjunction with medications and therapeutic procedures. include opinions about the effectiveness of "Spermaktina" can be found both negative and positive reviews.

additive helps to optimize the body's efforts to restore, but it is unable to eliminate the very cause of infertility, but because the drug can not replace the basic therapy medicines.Also, before taking this dietary supplement is best to consult with your doctor.