Reviews of preparation "Influcid" instructions for use

On reviews "Influcid" is effective in treating colds, acute viral infections and their prevention.The product strengthens the immune system, promotes retraction of phlegm, heat removal."Influcid" take a half hour before or after a meal.Tablets need to dissolve.For the treatment of acute diseases for children under 12 years are one tablet every two hours.The maximum dose - 8 tablets per day.After improving give one tablet of the preparation three times a day.Children with the age of twelve years old, adults appoint 1 tablet every hour.The maximum dose - not more than 12 tablets per day.After improving the need to take one or two table.3 times a day. While receiving "Influcid" You can drink other drugs.

Feedback from the improveme
nt in the acute stage of the disease comes in two days.If not, or if the patient's condition worsening, "Influcid" to cancel.As a prevention of colds for children up to 12 years give one tablet three times a day.Children from age 12, an adult should be taken one to two tablets three times a day.Reviews about the appearance of side effects is not."Influcid" is contraindicated in pregnant women, lactating women, in identifying hypersensitivity to children aged up to three years.

«Imupret": reviews, instructions for use

«Imupret" an immunomodulator of plant origin.In the opinion of its reception easier for infections, and reduces the frequency of their occurrence.The drug is released in the form of pellets and drops."Imupret" indicated for the treatment and prevention of chronic and acute diseases of the respiratory tract: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis different origin.There are positive reviews of the drugs used to prevent a recurrence of chronic inflammation of the airways, epidemic infections of the upper respiratory tract. «Imupret" contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.We do not recommend taking it during pregnancy, lactation.

«Imupret" drink without food.Adults can take a drop in pure form, and for children, they are added to the juice, and tea.Swallow whole tablets, drinking water.For the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract adults should drink 25 drops, or two tablets of five to six times a day for children older than 6 years - 15 drops (1 tablet) five to six times a day for children from one year to sixyears - 10 drops, five or six times a day for children under one year - 5 drops of five to six times per day.After improving the drug take up to 3 times a day at the same dose.In acute inflammation "Imupret" takes about one week for chronic inflammation - 6 weeks.In the opinion of allergic reactions were recorded in case of intolerance of the drug: itching, hives, skin rash.