human body needs 22 vitamins to be taken in combination with minerals, they have learned to the full.To prevent such a complex is administered orally, that is through the mouth.This is the most secure way, since the absorption of vitamin gastric mucosa risk of overdose and allergic reaction is reduced to zero.
usually sold in pharmacies ready vitamins and minerals.But sometimes you need to take some additional substance, first finding out the compatibility of vitamins with microelements.
Young children and the elderly are very needed calcium.To assimilate it needs vitamin D. A vitamin K helps the trace elements are properly distributed in the bone tissue.In turn promotes calcium absorption of vitamin B12.To maintain the natural leve
ls of calcium in the body often prescribe vitamin B6, which reduces the excretion of this trace element.Boron stabilizes the amount of calcium in the body.In this reduces the absorption of calcium, manganese.Still, they advised to take along as a second helps to absorb the first.
take Vitamin C in acute colds.It is ideally combined with vitamins A and E. In addition, ascorbic acid increases the intake of iron and chromium.These minerals are often included in the complex with vitamin C B vitamins are completely incompatible with ascorbic acid, although vitamin B9 it is better preserved in the tissues.
Tocopherol - Vitamin E is often taken in tandem with vitamins A and C. Their action is necessary to fix selenium, which increases their antioxidant effect.But iron is better to take away from these vitamins.
to combine vitamins and minerals properly, you need to take vitamins B complex.For example, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 activates action and increases the bioavailability of zinc.Vitamin B6 and magnesium aligned perfectly, as mutually reinforce each other's action.Also vitamin B6 reduces the output of zinc in the urine.
Phosphorus must be taken together with vitamin D, or he just does not learn.And to stabilize the level of this trace element in the body will help forest.
Copper increases the positive action of iron, which is perfectly combined with ascorbic acid.But calcium, magnesium and zinc may adversely affect iron metabolism.