Indications application "Nagipola┬╗

This drug is indicated for the following diseases - seasonal vitamin deficiency and anemia, significant blood loss, reduced immunity and protein deficiency, in oncology, identified heavy metal poisoning or chemistry, as well as in case of violationdigestion, physical or mental exhaustion, increased physical activity.

addition to the main component - brewer's yeast - in the BUD includes amino acids, polysaccharides, lipids, vitamins from the extensive group, other vitamins H, F, E, as well as valuable to the body iron, zinc, calcium and selenium.

Physical activity during intense workouts are the most direct indication for the adoption of "N
agipola" because of the large amount of protein in Bad.The combination of the drug with a certain diet can be a powerful stimulant set the desired weight.

pretty positive about the effects of the drug and respond patients suffering from progressive boils.Components and features "Nagipola" able to regenerate and restore the skin and provide anti-inflammatory effect.

How often and how much you need to take BUD

in pharmacies to buy "Nagipol" in different dosages - 0.25, 0.5 and 0.6 grams.Manufacturers recommend the drug to consume 5-8 grams per day BUD, ie 20-30 tablets with a minimum dosage of 10-15 or more.

Dosing "Nagipola" - three times a day for several tablets half an hour before a meal.

allowed to increase dosage if a person suffers, or, on the contrary, has recovered from a serious illness, injuries, operations.Then possible higher doses in the 1.5-2.

Term BUD application - from two weeks to a month, once a year.However, in the case of doctor's recommendation, can repeat the course for the second time in twelve months.

This recommendation is relevant to people living in areas of adverse environmental or climate.

Side effects "Nagipola" and possible side effects of BUD

use of the drug is not recommended for children under the age of 14, and in the event that a person over this age suffer from hypersensitivity to the actual beer yeast or other components "Nagipola. "

Do not use the supplements and pregnant and lactating women and people suffering from lactose deficiency, since lactose is another addition of the drug.

Manufacturers' Nagipola "also warned about the possible manifestation of allergic reaction - abundant rash or skin redness.This side effect is a consequence of BUD intolerance of individual components of the drug.