Themselves vitamins - are organic compounds characterized by high biological activity.They are able to accelerate chemical reactions in the body, to restore the functions of certain cells and even organs, etc.Vitamins stabilize the metabolism, normalize the functionality of the body, enhance immunity and help protect the body from harmful environmental exposures.

What causes vitamin deficiencies

vitamin deficiency in children is fraught with stunted growth and the development of serious diseases.

In adults, as a rule, it is not so difficult, but the damage to the body lack of vitamins may also apply.For example, with vitamin deficiency noted the appearance of fatigue, malfunction of the nervous system, gastroint
estinal tract, etc.It is also often a person can seriously fall eyesight.The person becomes nervous, aggressive, withdrawn, often sick, etc.
should be remembered that a surplus of vitamins in the body and bad for it.After all, it often leads to the emergence of allergies and other serious health problems.

How to take vitamins

has long been proven that the vitamins contained in the products necessary to maintain human life is not enough.So now increasingly possible to hear a recommendation to take additional vitamin complexes.
abundance of vitamins in pharmacies today is striking.Especially because they are made in a variety of forms - from jelly pastilles and chewing up pills.You can choose the option that best suits you.

In general regimen of vitamins has long been defined and has been used successfully as a doctor, and those who drink them.For example, usually prescribed one tablet per day.And it does not matter whether it is soluble, so-called "effervescent" tablet, or completely normal.The same applies to other forms of release.Typically, in a single tablet, lozenge, etc.It provides all the necessary daily dose of vitamin.
When vitamin remember that more is not better.So do not try to take both multivitamin complex and extra vitamin E alone or any other.You very quickly organize an overdose.

In addition, it is worth remembering that you can not get involved in incessant intake of vitamins.Once you spend on drink a course of one drug, take a break 2 months and only then proceed to the next.This is due to the fact that the continuous intake of vitamins leads to faulty assimilation of natural nutrients.

vitamins wash down best with plain water.Juice, milk, tea or coffee destroy some nutrients and slow down the absorption of nutrients.Naturally, the alcohol in this situation generally contraindicated.

aware that a number of vitamins need to be taken with food, others after.Carefully read the instructions to the drug, it painted all of the recommended rules of admission.Drink vitamins properly, then your body will always be strong and secure.