Indications "Afobazol»

«Afobazol" prescribed to relieve anxiety in neurasthenia, adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders in the general.It is used in the treatment of somatic diseases: irritable bowel syndrome, ischemia, asthma, arrhythmia, hypertension, lupus, cancer and dermatological disorders.Also, it is prescribed for sleep disorders, dystonia neurocirculatory, premenstrual syndrome, to relieve symptoms of smoking cessation, alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Pharmacological properties "Afobazol»

«Afobazol" is not addictive, even after prolonged use, it has no effect on concentration and memory, does not reduce muscle tone.Reducing tension and anxiety due to the state of the drug improves the mental and physical condition of the patient, eliminates respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal symptoms present at somatic disorders."Afobaz
ol" can help patients who have observed emotional instability, mistrust, insecurity, increased vulnerability.Acceptance means reduces the symptoms of autonomic disorders (dry mouth, sweating, dizziness), improves concentration and memory.

How to take "Afobazol»

«Afobazol" should be taken orally, after meals.The dose should choose a doctor for each individual case.Initial single dose is 10 mg single dose daily - 30 mg.If necessary, the daily amount of medication may be increased to 60 mg.The course of treatment facilities - 2-4 weeks, the doctor can extend it up to 3 months or after a certain period of time to appoint a second course.The patient's condition improved for the fifth-seventh day after the start of treatment.The maximum therapeutic effect after three to four weeks and maintained for one to two weeks, depending on the condition of the patient's metabolism.

contraindications and side effects, "Afobazol»

«Afobazol" has the following side effects: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergy.The tool is contraindicated under the age of 18 years, pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity to the components of lactose intolerance.Do not drink alcohol while taking "Afobazol" as possible to nullify the therapeutic effect of the drug.