Do not think that a complete renunciation of cigarettes is enough to buy pills at the pharmacy and drink them in one course.This is absolutely not true.Medications only help overcome nicotine cravings or weaken the psychological dependence.The complete cessation of smoking is only possible if the patient is determined to get rid of this habit.

All drugs by smoking cessation, are divided into those that contain nicotine and nikotinopodobnye drugs, and those that do not contain this kind of alkaloids. competent selection of resources is very important for successful treatment, so before taking advisable to consult a doctor, especially since some funds have unpleasant side effects.

smoking All medicines have a number of contraindications.They should no
t be taken by pregnant or lactating women, people with chronic or inflammatory diseases as well as those who have high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, atherosclerosis and some other health problems.

The annotation to the drug given every possible contraindications and side effects, so Vered you start treatment read the instructions carefully.

Funds with nikotinopodobnymi alkaloids

These drugs are "Tsitizin", "Tabeks", "Lobeline", "Gamibazin" and their analogues.They contain nicotine or similar substances that have a similar effect on the n-cholinergic receptors.These receptors provide the response to nicotine entering the body and give the effect of tablets replacement therapy. Nicotine products should be applied to people who have experience of smoking at least 5 years.They need time for a gradual weaning from the steady flow of nicotine into the blood and its derivatives.

In addition, the alkaloids in pharmaceuticals strongly irritate n-cholinergic receptors, and if people smoke, taking pills from smoking, the irritation is too strong.The patient in this case feels dizziness, heart palpitations, dry mouth, weakness.Discomfort helps you quickly give up the addiction.

means without nikotinopodobnyh alkaloids

most common means of this group - "varenicline" and "Zyban".It's very different products, and they act quite differently."Varenicline" blocking zone pleasure excited by nicotine, which makes the process of smoking completely bleak.
¬ęZyban", on the contrary, acts as an antidepressant, increasing the level of serotonin and removing abstinence syndrome that appears after quitting.