duration of the procedure the use of drugs by an average of 2-4 hours.Depending on the type of tumor may be extended for a designated course and performed several times.In the treatment of various blood tests are carried out to monitor the condition of the patient.Use of the drug continues, even if the patient is experiencing a general malaise.
Chemotherapy carry heavy and almost always causes side effects.Already after 2-3 treatments a patient may begin nausea, which is often accompanied by vomiting.The intensity of the phenomenon depends on the type designated by a chemical which is used in therapy.To reduce the effect, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the meal and the amount of dishes.Food should be thoroughly chew.
fatigue characteristic for almos
t all patients undergoing treatment.To reduce it, the physical activity should be reduced.You can run a light toning exercises, therapeutic massage appointment.The patient is recommended more rest, not only at night but during the day.
Chemotherapy destroys the body's immune system and prevents white blood cells, which affects the ability of tissues to resist various diseases.Deteriorated during the treatment of infection can be obtained during the period of therapy.To avoid infection, you should as often as possible to wash your hands, treating any wounds with antiseptic.It is the most careful with the razor, knife, scissors and other sharp-edged objects.
Hair loss often occurs after prolonged use of anticancer medicines.To avoid this phenomenon is impossible.During the treatment should wear headgear to reduce the contact of hair to sunlight, which can contribute to hair loss.
Some drugs cause a number of immediate side effects.So, you may experience feelings of anxiety, mood swings, depression.In some patients, there drowsiness, severe pain in joints and muscles, anemia.The patient may lose the ability to run and move quickly.Women often appear menstrual disorders - the absence or, on the contrary, increased the intensity of bleeding.Symptoms pass after the end of treatment for 4-6 months, but the severity of symptoms depends on the chosen course of treatment, and the general condition of the body.