avoid unwanted pregnancy can only strictly observing the schedule of birth control pills.It is strongly recommended that you consult a gynecologist.Starting oral contraceptives should be the first day of menstruation or when the doctor indicates.Also, contraceptive drugs are prescribed for the normalization of the cycle after a miscarriage, abortion, childbirth.
Tablets must be taken every day at the same time, preferably at bedtime.In order not to miss the reception, it is better to create a reminder in your phone with an audio alert.
Typically, one package contains 21 oral contraceptive pill.In this case, after the continuous birth control pills for three weeks comes the seven-day break.That is, if you start on Monday, then finish the pack on Sunday after 21 days.Throughout
the following week you do not drink tablets, and start a new pack again on Monday.
If a pack of 28 tablets, it means that in 21 minutes of them contain contraceptive hormones, and 7 include inactive substances such as iron and sugar.These "dummy" needed in order not to lose count.
How to drink hormonal contraceptives if you missed while taking the pill?If after the alleged admission did not go more than 12 hours, drink a pill and again follow the schedule.If you remembered about the missed pills only during the reception following, drink them both.Omitting 2 pills, you need two days to take them for 2 pieces, starting from the moment when you remember them.However, oral contraceptives during this period should be used a barrier method of contraception - condoms, vaginal rings, caps, etc.Then return to the normal schedule, and when the packet is complete, make a week break.
During the first two months of oral contraceptives must be combined with the barrier.During this period there is a change in hormonal levels in the body, and ovulation is inhibited gradually.Particular attention is prevention by using condoms or vaginal rings should be paid during the first seven-day break.
observing schedule of birth control pills, it is necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the organism.Common side effects are spotting of bleeding, sometimes lasting from month to month.If they are not stopped after a month of oral contraceptives, it is necessary to drink a pack and started to see a doctor to request a change of medication.