Drops to moisten the mucous

This group of drugs helps improve the condition of the mucosa.Most of these drugs are composed of sea water, which can effectively wash the nasal cavity, clean the mucous membrane and alleviate inflammation.Independently, these drugs are not able to cure the common cold, but they come in combination with other drugs, most of which sears the membranes of the nose.The most popular for nasal lavage received such medication as "Aqua Maris", "Akvalor" and "Salin".Also of note is a combined preparation "Rinorin", whose action is based on an isotonic solution in combination with benzalkonium chloride antiseptic effect.The drug a
llows you to remove viruses and bacteria from the nasal mucosa, as well as relieve the symptoms of inflammation. Before choosing medication should consult with their physician to select the appropriate drop the desired group, which is most effective help in getting rid of symptoms.

vasoconstrictive drugs

vasoconstrictor drugs on the market in various forms, but their action is based on materials such as naphazoline, xylometazoline and oxymetazoline.The cheapest drugs are drugs based nafazolina, but the operation time is about 4 hours, after which the congestion is repeated.Among this group of drugs may be noted the least inexpensive and simple "Naphthyzinum."

most often used to relieve symptoms by xylometazoline drops that can relieve the symptoms of the common cold for about 8 hours.Among these drugs can be noted "Xymelin" and "Xylene" or "Tizin", which are available in usable form of a spray.The disadvantage of these drugs is addictive, but because a cold therapy with these agents should not last more than 7 days."Oxymetazoline" thus relieving the symptoms of the common cold for about 10-12 hours, but products based on substances cause more addiction and treatment they should not exceed 5 days. Among the most balanced and effective members of the family may be noted "Nazivin" or "Nazol."

Other drugs

¬ęGrippferon" is an antiviral agent that can be used in the treatment of colds viral diseases.The advantage of the preparation is the presence of interferon, which is not harmful to the body and helps get rid of the virus infection.The drug is also easily tolerated by children.

relieving symptoms of rhinitis can try drops "Pinosol" which, like "naftizina" well remove nasal congestion, but not addictive due to the absence of sharp and pronounced vasoconstrictor action.The "Pinosol" has antibacterial effects.