Medical statistics show that over the last 4 years the sale of "Nimes" increased more than 2 times.The popularity of the drug due to its effectiveness for any painful symptoms, whether it's rehabilitation in the postoperative period, headache, joint, dental or malaise when colds and flu."Nimesil" became a kind of magic wand that can quickly dissolve the powder in water and consumed before going to the office, to forget about the symptoms of colds fever until the end of the working day.Thus, some people no longer serious about this preparation, oblivious to the fact that any medicine is not compatible with alcohol and requires a doctor's prescription.

┬źNimesil" and hepatotoxicity

┬źNimesil" has anti-inflammatory, anti
pyretic and analgesic properties and belongs to the most popular group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including the famous "Diclofenac", "Ibuprofen", "Ketorolac".They are all in varying degrees causing gepatopatologii as nimesulide - the main active ingredient "Nimes".Although studies have documented only 29 cases of serious liver dysfunction 100 thousand patients in the use of "Nimes" in comparison with "ibuprofen", where the cumulative incidence was 44, still caution anyone not prevented.

negative effects of the drug depends on the general state of health, age, heredity, existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.Serious Contraindications may be liver, kidney, heart failure, a stomach ulcer.Nimesulide is rapidly absorbed gastrointestinal tract, split liver and excreted by the kidneys.He is able to cause allergic reactions, which can manifest itself in violation of the chair, accompanied by bleeding, nausea, vomiting.

┬źNimesil" with alcohol - a double blow to the liver

Since "Nimesil" has a negative effect on the liver, as well as alcohol, their simultaneous use can cause severe reactions, up to the instant of hepatitis."Nimesil" works for 8 hours, but experts say that the best safe period of time between the use of drugs and alcohol is 6 hours.Not worth the risk, referring to the fact that only drank beer or wine with a minimum percentage of alcohol content.Haggle with your health is inappropriate.

The instructions that came with the "Nimesilu", there is no explicit ban on the combination of the drug with alcohol-containing products, but says that he has an excessive burden on the liver.Even this fact should be alerted.Perhaps a glass of light wine drunk on the day of taking the drug, will not cause serious damage to health.But if the combination does not create the effect of overdose, the best result from the anti-inflammatory agent will be markedly reduced.