you need
  • - blood;
  • - medical advice;
  • - chewable tablets Calcium D3 Nycomed.
During pregnancy, any pharmaceutical drugs, including vitamins, should be taken only on the advice and prescription.If you notice that you are experiencing the symptoms of calcium deficiency, ask for referral to a blood test.On the basis of this survey, you will be assigned the appropriate vitamin complexes or calcium D3 Nycomed.
Your doctor should be aware that a lack of calcium in the growing fetus will replenish trace elements from the body of the mother.This in turn will lead to the fact that a woman's hair will start to fall, to break teeth, nails become brittle.Furthermore, the lack of calcium enhances the synt
hesis of parathyroid hormone, which inevitably leads to an excessive bone resorption.
In appointing the drug Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy, the daily dose of calcium should not exceed 1500 mg, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) - 600 IU, so more than one chewable tablet is not worth taking.
Typically, the drug is well tolerated.Only in rare cases can cause epigastric pain, nausea, appetite disorders and chairs.Itching, hives and skin rash - symptoms that occur in patients hypersensitive to the components Calcium D3 Nycomed.
If any adverse symptoms should immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor to review treatment strategies.Calcium D3 Nycomed is not recommended for pregnant women with individual intolerance to the components, as well as suffering from phenylketonuria.Do not appoint him and hypervitaminosis cholecalciferol, in urolithiasis with the formation of stones, in severe renal insufficiency, sarcoidosis, immobilization.