In case of trouble

harness, sterile and non-sterile bandages, adhesive tape, cotton, medical sponge, scissors - Keep the house is necessary.Suitable for minor injuries and household accidents, these funds should be in the medicine cabinet next to the iodine, brilliant green, alcohol, peroxide 3%, as well as a means for burns.It makes sense to store here, and antihistamines - even if the family seems to have no allergies, you should be warned.


Aspirin painkillers and fever knocks.No-spa and spazmalgon effective as antispasmodics, ie, relaxing muscle spasms medication.Drugs like ketanov, pentalgin and sedalgin able to stop a lot of pain, but in frequent use is not recommended, as indeed, any other pain relievers: they have significant side effects.However, in the medicine cabinet they should be.


Useful thermometer - mercury or electronic, gauze compresses, pills and cough syrups, nasal drops or spray from a cold, medicinal herbal teas.Bags of the type "Fervex" effective at the beginning of the disease and may help you stay on your feet and it is easier to transfer cold.


valerian tincture or tablets, motherwort - these simple tools can help relive stress."Novopassit" and "Persia" normalize sleep, reduce anxiety.Pain in the heart will remove Corvalol, validol valokardin.If severe stress, heart pain occur frequently - must go and see a doctor.

When poisoning and stomach pain

Activated carbon is required in case of poisoning, it is possible to give both adults and children.The funds of the type "mezim" help in disorders of the stomach and a feeling of heaviness.Keep in the medicine cabinet and medicine for heartburn, diarrhea and constipation.

How to organize a first aid kit

Select special "suitcase" or any convenient container.Store medicines in a dry, dark, cool place.We should also keep a first aid in case of injuries.They should be available in case you get hurt, or hurting someone from relatives, and sometimes accompanying such situations of panic, complicating even the simplest steps.The easier it is to get first aid - the better.

If the home have children or pets - first aid kit should be available for them.

from time to time look into the first aid kit and hover audit: throw money expired, replenish those drugs that end.You can attach to the medicine cabinet a list of names that should be there is always tailored to the needs of your family and then just to check and update it during these audits.

If the medicine cabinet of the little space, you can throw the box, saving-instruction sheet.Make sure that the blister or butylki has a shelf life (if not - rewrite it with the instructions on the box), and then expand and position the sheets in alphabetical order in the folder with transparent file.Instructions will be easy to find, it will be prominently displayed, and bulk packaging cease to occupy too much space.