wide variety of multivitamin complexes sold in pharmacies, they can be purchased without a prescription.Moreover, buyers often even manage without his recommendation.Meanwhile, the vitamins may have a strong influence on the health of people, especially those who need their additional reception.It pregnant and lactating women, children and the elderly, as well as those who have shown vitamins as a therapeutic drug.
High doses of vitamin A increase the risk of hip fracture in elderly women and young - the risk of having a child with birth defects.Overdose of vitamin B6 is fraught with nerve damage, excess beta-carotene increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers and t
hose whose work is related to fine mineral dust.Even so popular, especially in women, vitamin E in high doses can cause headaches, fatigue, digestive disorders.In addition, it can not be taken simultaneously with vitamins A, D, K and beta-carotene.
But without taking vitamins did not do in those cases that have been listed above, so the main criterion for selection should be the maximum safety and no side effects.So the criteria in the category of vitamin complexes designed for pregnant and nursing women, replied: "Eleven Pronatal" "Vitrum Prenotal Forte", "Multi-tabs Prenotal" and "Alphabet Mother's Health".Most of them are safe, "Eleven", but its cost is high."Multi-tabs" and "Alphabet" more accessible, but at first no need for pregnant and lactating calcium and biotin, and when receiving the second can be confusing when choosing a tablet must be in color.
Judging by the reviews, the safest vitamin complexes, also designed for children of different age groups, are a series of "Alphabet" and included in it "our baby", "Children's Garden", "schoolboy"and "Teenager".The unquestionable advantages of these systems include hypoallergenic and separation of vitamins that can not be taken jointly by different groups and different pills.Series "Multi-tabs" for children and "Centrum Kids" are also considered safe.
For older people can recommend a multivitamin complexes "Alphabet 50+" and "Centrum Silver."These products contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, the lack of which is beginning to affect the age of 50-60 years, in addition, their cost remains available even for those who live on a pension.